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Throw on the gloves and your least favorite t-shirt, things are going to get colorful. Our Deco Series goes beyond the world of paper and onto just about anything. Do-It-Yourself or with the kids! These art project markers are non-toxic and alcohol-free.

Please note: “Alcohol-free” and “water-based” does not mean washable. Unless otherwise specified, our markers are built to last, even through the wash. Make sure to check labels and other product specs for more info.


handshakeLooking for donations? We’re willing to help.

Are you an educator or volunteer? Reach out to us on socials like Instagram or Facebook, contact us via email at bianyointernational@gmail.com, or send us a message on our website. Tell us about your organization and how we can help! Approved donations will be delivered in 30 days or less.


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